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A Noisy Heart

Finding silence in a noisy heart that’s always clamoring for some new bauble, some novel sensation to fill up the emptiness of a cavernous hollow.  One can hear the sound bouncing ‘round it, echoing off each carved out space.  Trying desperately to place a peace inside and ride the waves down to a standstill of silence against the violence and noise that writhes within.

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I was still unsettled by the familiar questions: What was I doing with what I learned? Why had I not learned Russian, Chinese, Physics, the Colonial History of Africa, the Kings of France? What [college] had to offer me was infinite. Why had my ability been so finite? Why did I have so many questions? Why did I have so few answers? Would I not be a more finished person had I been provided a chart, a map, a design for living? I believe so. I also believe that the world I know, given such a chart, would have been narrow, constricted, diminished; a more ordered and less risky world, but not the world I wanted, not free, not here, not me.

And I suspect not you.

Joan Didion, Steven L. Isenberg

For all those who worry about what lies ahead.

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A Heist Gone Wrong

He stumbled across a dark path.  There was nothing to light his way save for the dying lantern in his hands.  The guards were at the front gate and they’d be at the front entrance shortly.  He hurried along in the dark as best he could but the cobblestones were difficult to traverse in the poor light.  He burst through the main doors and rushed towards the back where his brothers were piling up the silverware with much clatter and commotion. 

"The duke’s returned, run while you still can!" Benoit exclaimed, exasperated from the journey up the palace grounds.

But it was already too late.

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