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A Noisy Heart

Finding silence in a noisy heart that’s always clamoring for some new bauble, some novel sensation to fill up the emptiness of a cavernous hollow.  One can hear the sound bouncing ‘round it, echoing off each carved out space.  Trying desperately to place a peace inside and ride the waves down to a standstill of silence against the violence and noise that writhes within.

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I was still unsettled by the familiar questions: What was I doing with what I learned? Why had I not learned Russian, Chinese, Physics, the Colonial History of Africa, the Kings of France? What [college] had to offer me was infinite. Why had my ability been so finite? Why did I have so many questions? Why did I have so few answers? Would I not be a more finished person had I been provided a chart, a map, a design for living? I believe so. I also believe that the world I know, given such a chart, would have been narrow, constricted, diminished; a more ordered and less risky world, but not the world I wanted, not free, not here, not me.

And I suspect not you.

Joan Didion, Steven L. Isenberg

For all those who worry about what lies ahead.

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